Rhinebeck Home Inspections and Mold Inspections

As the largest purchase most of us will make in our lifetime, purchasing a home in Rhinebeck, New York is a big deal! Don’t go into the transaction without a full disclosure report from Acadian Home Inspections.
We offer comprehensive home inspections, mold inspections, and several other professional inspection services to help you have a full picture of the property you’re considering. As the best home inspector and mold inspector in the Rhinebeck area, Acadian Home Inspections will help you purchase or sell your home with more confidence.

Don’t Buy a Home in Rhinebeck or Dutchess County without a Home Inspection

Whether you’re in 12572 or 12574 zip code, you shouldn’t purchase a home in Rhinebeck without having a professional home inspection. At Acadian Home Inspections, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the property you’re considering purchasing to make sure all of the major components and facets of the structure are in tact. With our home inspections, you’ll be alerted to early warning signs of potential threats, safety concerns, and major defects affecting:

The entire HVAC system


The roofing system


Electrical system


All structural components


Interior conditions of the stairs, windows, doors, etc


All exterior components and conditions affecting the home


Every appliance in the home will be inspected for functionality

Professional Mold Inspections in Rhinebeck

At Acadian Home Inspections, we offer professional mold inspections designed to detect mold as well as the conditions for mold growth. We’ll meet you at the property in Rhinebeck and conduct a complete visual inspection. Considering mold problems often derive from excess moisture, we’ll use a range of different tools to locate sources of the problem. 
Once we complete the initial inspection, we will use specialized equipment to check the air quality for levels of mold. The air quality inspection allows us to get a clearer picture of how severe the colonization is and allows us to pinpoint where the mold may be concentrated. In most instances, the highest concentration of the mold occurs at the source of the mold. 
Our moisture detection technology is extremely accurate in determining the source of the mold. However, if visible mold doesn’t exist, we can use specialized equipment to conduct in-wall tests to confirm your problem.

Determining the Type of Mold

If mold is present, we’ll use surface sampling, which will help us determine the actual type of mold present. This involves the use of a specialized tape or swabs to collect a sample of the mold. Then this sample is effectively packaged to help avoid contamination and sent to a laboratory where it can be analyzed.

Contact the Best Rhinebeck Mold & Home Inspectors

Whether you’re in Rhinebeck, NY or anywhere else in Dutchess County; Acadian Home Inspections offers the best and most comprehensive whole house inspections and mold inspections. In addition, we also offer:

Radon Testing in Rhinebeck


Rhinebeck Residential and Commercial Water Testing


Termite Inspections in Rhinebeck


Rhinebeck Mold Assessments


Septic Dye Testing in Rhinebeck

Contact Acadian Home Inspection LLC today for expert home inspections and mold inspections in Rhinebeck.

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