Mold Assessment

What are the main responsibilities of a Mold Assessor?

  • Have a valid Mold Assessor License from the New York State Department of Labor for the company and employees.
  • Perform the initial visual inspection and assessment of the property for mold growth.
  • Identify the underlying source of moisture causing the mold growth (when possible).
  • Educate the property owner on the Mold Law and mold in general
  • Develop a Mold Remediation Plan. This plan will identify: The source of the moisture causing mold growth, how to remedy the moisture issue, the mold remediation methods to be used for cleanup, and the criteria that must be met to consider the cleanup complete.
  • Perform a post-remediation assessment to confirm the remediation was successful.
  • Develop a written passed clearance report or final status report.
  • The Mold Remediation Plan is specific to each project. The purpose of this plan is to provide methods to eliminate the moisture source(s) and visible mold growth. The plan should include: A description of the rooms or areas where the remediation will be performed, an estimate of the quantity of material to be cleaned or removed, a description of the abatement methods to be used for each type of remediation in each area, and a proposal for containment, when needed, to prevent the spread of mold,

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